How Safe is Your College Degree from University of Phoenix?

Pros and cons of going to college at UoP or University of Phoenix.  As an instructor,  the pros are stifled by the tuition cost.

How many of you have heard or seen University of Phoenix (UoP) advertisements blasted over the radio waves or television screens? 

Where stories of ordinary people
going to college
and achieving their lifelong dream
of a college degree.

From a marketing standpoint, UoP gets it right ...they focus on students with families, full-time jobs and days filled with limitless "to dos."  

Why You Should Think About Going to College Even if You Feel Old

The benefits of going to college at an older age are similar to a student going off to college immediately following high school graduation.

You're old right least that's the way you feel.  Next time you’re on a college campus, look around at the students and think back to the time you were that young… a wrinkle-free, adolescent boy or girl.

Makes you feel old, huh?

I thought the same as an adult learner sitting in a class full of teenagers. I felt the cold stares of younger students, probably thinking, "What's this old fart doing here?"

The 5 Laws for Conquering Your Fear of College

Students afraid of college shouldn't be because if you were successful in high school,  you'll be successful in college.
You’re afraid of college, I know, I was afraid of the very mention of college in high school. As a high school senior in my last semester, I relished the freedom of adulthood and the ability to make my own decisions.

I had no clue what the real world meant but I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to go to college and be my own person. I didn’t want my parents telling what to do, and so, I left my dad’s house at the ripe ol’ age of 18. 

Does My Future Depend on College?

A college degree isn't the end all but the benefits of obtaining one are unparalleled.

Does college degree really makes a difference? Yup. It did for me.

My life changed when I received a bachelor's degree. I went from some guy working as an admin assistant,  to a respected financial accountant. Not too mention my paycheck increased 30%.

I'm certain it was because my degree specialized in business.  Even today I reap the rewards of a graduate degree, teaching college courses,  writing books and holding a managerial position.

How Do Leadership Skills Benefit Me?

Leadership, the ability to carry out a vision by motivating others. Are leaders born or developed? I believe it's a little of both.

Several leadership styles exist,  transactional,  transformational and servitude,  which of the three, servitude or servant leadership will benefit you most.

Do You Feel as Though You'll Fail in Life?

College or not, failure lives close to the edge. We often feel inadequate in our jobs, relationships and life. Thankfully, we're not alone.

If you're in high school, thinking about your life and how you fit into the big picture,  don't get discouraged.

As you near adulthood or set out to explore life,  take it one day at time - one event at a time.

If you feel inadequate to accept the responsibility of maintaining a car payment,  rent or necessities as you embark on the road to college,  be proud of yourself for accepting the challenges coming your way.

How to End Your Parents Forcing You into a College Major You Don't Like

Students looking to attend college face a lot of decisions, they shouldn't be pressured to major in a degree they have little interest in.

Your parents forcing you to major in a college degree you have little interest in, right? Does the idea of sitting in a classroom, listening to an instructor talk about a subject you could care less about, dampen your college outlook?

I know you hate (that’s a harsh word) the fact you’re parents are forcing you to major in a college degree you don’t want. But, be happy they’re forcing you to go to college. Why… because they care enough about you and your future.

What Are a Couple Good Reasons to go on a College Tour?

Touring a college is plain old smart. Take the time to walk the campus, asking questions about the ins and outs.

Why should you go to on a college tour? Because colleges are like people, they're different and take on a personality of their own.

Some institutions are century's old, others built in the last decade.

Some colleges have nationally renowned professors, others with strong roots in the local community.

College administrators may embrace technology and advocate for new equipment each school year, whereas, others may be enthralled with the traditional classroom structure.

What You Need to Do in High School to Get into a Good College?

High school students need to plan for college the day they step onto a high school campus or sooner. Getting good grades is the foundation to acceptance in a good university.

If you're in high school and planning for college, that shows maturity and the ability to plan beyond your years.

Asking the question what you need to do in high school to get in college is the right mindset.

When is the right time to start planning for college? Day one of you're freshman year in high school or sooner.

Unfortunately, high school students often wait until their junior or senior year to begin thinking about college.

I remember my freshman year, walking the halls, looking for my locker. How could I think about college when high school was a new experience?

What is the Best Place to Sell College Textbooks?

In college, students pay lots of money for textbooks, which tend to go out of print as soon as they're published. Here's the place I buy/sell textbooks.

Buying, selling or trading textbooks is big business.  Just ask Amazon who has 70-80% of the ebook marketshare

Amazon created the perfect business model - offer authors an outlet to self publish their book for free and sell it for a commission.

Enough of that talk, let's get down to business - what site is the best to buy and sell textbooks?